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✦Ancestral Remembrance Rites of Passage sessions✦

What are Ancestral Remembrance Sessions?

A big part of my craft is creating memorable Talismans to adorn your sacred temple and connect with during times of transition, rites of passage, or while reconnecting to lineage and ancestry.

And if you are new to my process, while I craft bespoke jewels for you all, I sit in a meditative trance state to call on what energies you need to receive, or the intention we discussed together to infuse into my adornment offerings. ✦ This may be your ancestors, or even a specific crossed over loved one that you'd like to keep close or cultivate a deeper relationship with.

This offering is a continuation of the work I have been doing while offering co-created bespoke jewelry for you all. It is crafted from beginning to end with intention and vision, brought to life as one-of-a-kind for you. Now with Ancestral Remembrance, this offering comes with guidance from your lineage, channeled by me from beyond the veil.

What will I receive with Ancestral Remembrance?

Each Ancestral Remembrance session will come with a full page of channeling - messages that would like to be shared with you, guidance, memories or patterns from your lineage that are asking to be healed, thoughts or feelings to reflect on and between 5-10 journal prompts to begin this Ancestral Healing work. This of course will come with a co-created one-of-a-kind piece of adornment to wear as a reminder of where you came from and where you are headed. 

How Ancestral Remembrance came to life:

Months back, a spark of vision came through me, that this is work that is needed, and I am to act as a vessel to bring it forth. I sat with this vision, incubating, listening to the signs to see how this may look, feel, or play out in detail.

And a few months ago, in our How to be Human group at Ethos, we shared how we are, or plan to be of service for our communities. ✦ Immediately I knew that this was the time to share my vision for Ancestral Remembrance - to craft a talisman for the wearer to connect with their lineage or ancestor and act as a channel to receive some guidance, points of reflection, memories, or messages while in ceremony that they may have to share with you.

To have a unique piece of wearable art that was made with a specific intention in mind, but that can act as a bridge between you and the lineage you're beginning to connect with on a deeper level. To remind you of this path every time you wear it. That may be an invitation for these ancestors to reach out and communicate with you while wearing it.

You see, I have already been doing this, I just infused all of this magic into the jewelry without sharing the words with you. But I have been called to do both - to instill this essence into your talisman, while also sharing some journal prompts and messages to act as a starting point in your Initiation with your Ancestral Remembrance work.

How do I know if this offering is a good fit for me?

These sessions are a great offering for those who are new to Ancestry Healing work, are just connecting with their lineage, or cultivating a relationship with a crossed over loved one and don't quite know where to start, or even those who feel that call but aren't honed in on their dreamworld and channeling gifts to receive these messages themselves.

If you are in the beginning stages of your reconnection journey and feel called to more guidance and support, this may be the foothold you need while learning how to build this kinship yourself.

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Keep the Ancestors close and receive the opportunity to be held in this Initiation, or Rite of Passage, with Ancestral Remembrance.

Welcome to Remembering. ᛟ

✦ I am honored you are considering this gift. For more information, please feel free to reach out so we may connect one on one. Beannachd leibh 

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