Bone Broth Recipe

The magic of making bone broth in a bubbling cauldron (or instant pot 😉) is something hard to compare! 🥘

If you're like me, you use bone broth in place of basically anything that uses just water in your cooking - rice, pasta, soups, pot pie - you name it! This bone broth makes it better, and adds tons of supportive herbs, collagen, and fats. 

If you're unaware of the benefits of bone broth, let me name a few for you: supportive to gut health, immunity, joint mobility, healthy sleep, aids in detoxification and metabolic regulation which can support healthier skin as well. It is worth the addition to your routine!

And if you're familiar with my offerings, you'll know I prefer utilizing hand made and home made when possible! So if I can make my own at home and avoid store boughten, which may have fillers, preservatives, or even from bouillon cubes instead of real whole foods - I will! And I'm here to teach you how to as well!

This is my favorite go-to recipe for an herbaceous and vibrant tasting broth, packed with healthy fats and nourishing spices.

Beef femur with the marrow (I get mine from my local butcher from farm raised, grass fed beef)

Yellow Onion


Ginger Root



Wild Hen of the Woods Mushrooms

Wild Monarda

Homegrown Oregano

Mustard Seeds

Coriander Seeds

Black Pepper

*all organic produce and seasonings when possible*

Cut your produce into halves or quarters to release those delicious juices and flavors, pack everything into your pot, fill with water (leaving a few inches for boiling), and pressure cook in an instant pot for 1.5 hours, or simmer on your stove top for 4+ hours.

Strain through a sieve or cheese cloth into clean glass jars (leaving about an inch if you're going to freeze) and enjoy alone or in any recipe that calls for broth. 🦴🥣

Use within 5-7 days in the refrigerator, or freeze for up to 6 months! I always have one in my fridge so I can sip on some for a snack or use in my recipes and pull it from the freezer when it's been used. 

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