Herbal Tea Recipe for the Heart, Gut, & Womb

✦If you're looking for a cooling herbal tea to enjoy this summer that can bring some great benefits, try this recipe! I can attest to its' deliciousness 😋 ✦

If you're not a hot tea drinker, allow the tea to cool to room temp (or just put it in the fridge for a while!) and add some ice for a non-caffeinated iced tea!


✦ The recipe ✦

Collect some wild or garden grown herbs; (or buy dried if that's the most accessible to you!) 

✦ Peppermint leaves 🍃 (cooling, digestive, can relieve menstrual cramps, stomach cramps due to indigestion, & headaches) *can also be swapped out for Spearmint for similar taste and properties, + heart healing support!

✦ Motherwort leaves 🌿 (bitter, cooling, nervine, supports the heart and menstrual symptoms, acts as emmanegogue which can stimulate menstrual bleed)

✦ Anise Hyssop leaves 🌱 (bitter, pungent, digestive, can strengthen a weak heart, anti-inflammatory)

✦ Yarrow flowers 🌸 (sweet, bitter, cooling, can support sleep and anxiety, anti-inflammatory especially to the GI tract, acts as emmanegogue which can stimulate menstrual bleed)

Fill your tea strainer with a few leaves of each herb and a teaspoon of Yarrow flowers and pour nearly boiling water over them. Cover & steep for up to 5-15 minutes, strain, and enjoy. 🍵✨️

Use your best judgment on how often this drink should be enjoyed based on your unique constitute and the energetic quality of these plants. Like attracts like, so consuming cooling plants in summer can help you cool down, but in winter, especially for those with a cold constitution could cause imbalance. Consult your local herbalist for better guidance!


*disclaimer- not intended to treat or diagnose any disease, please do not harvest and consume any plant you're not 100% certain of identification, Motherwort & Yarrow are not recommended for those who are pregnant as they can stimulate a menstrual bleed*

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