How to make a Motherwort Tincture

✦ Motherwort Heart Healing Medicine 🌿 ✦


Follow along as I create a Motherwort, or Leonurus cardiaca (also called Mother's Herb) tincture using fresh, wild Motherwort in the peak of her blooms. 🌸 

 *click the photo to be directed to a video of me making a Motherwort tincture!*

The Lion Hearted One has an extensive history for supporting the heart on a physical and emotional level. If you tend to have heart palpitations or nervous tension due to anxiety and grief, the Mother's Herb is here to support you. 


As a part of the Mint family, she is recognizable with her green square stem and has lobed leaves that get thinner at the top where her pinkish lilac flowers adorn her crown ✨️


I'm using the folk method, which doesn't involve measuring - I simply harvest the flowering tops with sustainable and intentional practice, cut the plant down into smaller pieces and fill a clean, dry jar, and cover with a high proof alcohol to sit for 6-12 weeks in a cool, dark place to extract all that plant magic. 🌿💫


Have you worked with this beautiful herb? What is your experience with her?


If not, what plant allies are calling to you? I'd love to know 😍


*disclaimer - this is not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any disease & please do not harvest any plant that you're not 100% sure of the identification*


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