Winter Foraging

𓆱 Winter Foraging ✸

For many of us herbalists, foragers, and nature lovers, winter can be a challenge because the plant allies we love so much go dormant and the world around us seemingly goes into hibernation mode ❄️

But in my experience, connecting with the kin that *does* stick around in Michigan winters makes the season of darkness so inspiring.

Winter foraging can be deeply meaningful and magical, and many of the offerings are filled with vitamins and minerals and are packed with anti-viral, immune boosting, antioxidant properties which can nourish us during a time where there is less fresh food and sunlight. ✨️

 Here is a brief introduction to some of my very favorite Winter allies that you may be able to kindle your relationship with;

✦ Turkey Tail Mushrooms 🍄 anti-viral, anti-microbial, & anti-inflammatory properties, high in antioxidants, supports digestion and bone health 🦴 Can be used in teas, double extracted tinctures, oxymels, soups, and other culinary preparations as well.

✦ Cottonwood/Poplar Buds 🌳 anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, pain relieving, & fever reducing properties, high in antioxidants. Can be used in tinctures and salves or oil infusions for the skin, it is a great muscle rub or wound salve.

✦ White Pine/Evergreen Needles & Sap 🌲 anti-bacterial properties, expectorant, high in vitamin c and antioxidants, supports the kidneys and skin burns/wounds 🩸 Can be used in teas, tinctures, baths and soaks, oxymels, or for salves for the skin. 

✦ Rosehips 🌹anti-inflammatory properties, high in vitamin c, supports digestion, heart health, circulation, and bone health. Can be used in teas, oxymels, tinctures, or in skin care. Often used for anti-aging and scar healing.

* The image above is the invasive species of Rosehip, so feel assured that foraging this offering is more sustainable and good for the eco-system! *

Which, if any, of these allies have you foraged? 🥰

& as always, please take care when wildcrafting - do not over harvest or ingest plants you're unsure of

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