Meet the Maker


Fáilte, a chàirdean. Is mise Abbi, na làmhan agus an cridhe air cùl na h-ealain.

(Welcome, friends. I am Abbi, the hands and the heart behind the art).

I was born and raised in Michigan (on Anishinaabe lands) on a small centennial farm that very much inspires my dreams and aspirations in life. I grew up wild and free, surrounded by nature and called to nurture my artistic voice from a very young age.

I am a self-taught silversmith and trained herbalist with a passion rooted in honoring ancestry and living seasonally & sustainably. A few common themes you may notice in this space will be a love for the natural world, folklore and storytelling, re-claiming traditional skills, animism, and decolonization.

I thank you for connecting with me and supporting me along this path I walk. I am truly honored to share my heART with you.

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My goal is to create unique & memorable wearable art to honor your heritage, special moment, passed over loved one, or healing journey. Whether it be alternative wedding jewelry inspired by nature, or a simple but meaningful piece, I am grateful to be able to bring these offerings to life for you all.

Within my business, as well as my personal life, I choose to be as environmentally and ethically conscious as possible. I source my recycled precious metals from a fair-trade USA based company, and my conflict-free, natural gemstones from small USA family-owned businesses who operate their businesses in ways I align with.

None of the stones I use in my designs are man-made, dyed, or otherwise synthetic. I re-use and recycle packing materials I receive from suppliers and scrap metals, with the goal of using all self-recycled metals to be as sustainable as possible. I use home grown or ethically foraged herbs and flowers in my orders, sustainably wildcrafted flora in my apothecary, and all of my jewelry boxes are made from recycled cardboard with recycled cotton inserts. As of December 2021, 1 tree is planted for every sale from my website. I do my best to learn and do better for the Earth because we are nature!







Something that has always come so effortlessly to me. I am a well of inspiration that often overflows when I connect with my Gaelic and Germanic heritage, share a vulnerable moment with another, witness a majestic forest, or hear a bird's song. The magic this life has to offer us never stops astounding me.

Many of my designs are my interpretation of some of nature's most beautiful offerings - like mountains, flora, & fauna. And some of my most potent creations come to life after solitude in the wilderness.

My creations are imbued with symbology and inspiration from the seasons, esoteric arts, nature, ritual, folklore, mythology, & my Scottish and German ancestry. I have practiced tarot, runecasting, and other forms of divination and ritual for years now and feel the deep connection that has grown within imparts a special layer of magic within my practices and offerings.

Everything that you may receive in this space has been brought to life with so much gratitude and the intention that we may remember who we once were, so we regain balance and purpose. May they serve you well.


Mòran taing, many thanks, for showing up and sharing this space. 

- ☾ Abbi, The Mystic Metalsmith