Jewelry Care

Treat your adornment with care and it will serve you well for years to come.

Please avoid wearing your hand made jewelry to sleep, shower, swim, work out, wash dishes, apply lotions and/or hand sanitizer, etc. Metals are subject to change color/finish after exposure to extreme sun, water, sweat. Some gemstones (like Opals) are prone to changing colors when exposed to sun, water, oils, etc. Please research your gems and take care of them properly. Use a polishing cloth to shine jewelry if desired being mindful not to over-polish the patina/darkened spots (included in orders as of 2020).
If any damage comes to your jewelry, I will asses if it's fixable or we can discuss fixing or re-setting your stone. I don't fix other people's work, but I can scrap and co-create a piece with new life for you. Some pieces can be resized, but as a rule of thumb, completed pieces cannot be resized once the stone is set. Thank you for treating my heART with tender love and care. ♡ May it serve you well.