Rooted in Ritual

Sunday, March 19th, 2023
5:30 PM -  7:30 PM
Ethos Yoga & Movement Studio
113 South Saginaw Str. Holly, MI, 48442
Facilitated by Abigail Roach & Randie Bowler

“Rituals are a means of directly touching the sacredness of nature. Watching the moon, soaking in an herbal bath, saving and using the seeds of vegetables to mark new beginnings become, with our intent, magical activities. These simple acts draw us into the crest and dips if the yearly cycle while satisfying the child within us.” Judith Berger in Herbal Rituals

A monthly sister circle to reclaim the old ways. These gatherings will always coincide with the new or full moons. We will meet in ceremony and move through different themes in rhythm with the season we’re in. Topics of ritual, vulnerability, ancestry, herbalism, womb healing, mythology, lore, embodiment, holistic health and so much more.

These gatherings will be intimate and safe for you to show up as you are, be seen and accepted in community.

Each month’s ceremony will have a different enrollment to give everyone a chance to attend, those who attend the month before will have first dibs on the spots for the upcoming circle.

By this and every effort may we regain the balance.